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The ACTEON Group is pleased to announce the official unveiling of The New ACTEON, a multiyear transformation initiative which sets the direction for the Group over the next decade. Building on more than 70 years of success serving healthcare professionals with leading brands Pierre Rolland, Satelec, Sopro, DeGötzen, Owandy, and Prodont Holliger, the ACTEON Group has entered a new accelerated phase of innovation, expansion, and digitalization for the benefit of its customers worldwide. The New ACTEON is being brought to life by more than 800 dedicated and passionate colleagues around the world, serving hundreds of thousands of care providers and more than one hundred million patients per year. The New ACTEON transformation is based on three key philosophies:

  • Being a human centric organization focused on the needs of patients and care providers,
  • Providing tailored workflow solutions that maximize the total effectiveness, efficiency, and
    economics of achieving desired clinical outcomes,
  • Providing innovative and integrated healthcare solutions that address the continuous
    healthcare needs over patients’ lifetimes.

Starting mid-2020, The New ACTEON transformation has already yielded important improvements to achieve record financial results in 2021 and again in 2022. The keys to the early successes have been in combining the strengths of the Group’s three core technology platforms: X-Ray and Optical Imaging Systems, Specialized Treatment Equipment and Instruments, and Pharmaceuticals and Specialized Consumables into solutions that improve our customer’s workflows for the most common indications. By reinforcing the benefits of combining ACTEON solutions for diagnosis, planning, treatment, and follow-up, care providers can achieve improvements in the overall treatment outcome. In fact, the New ACTEON brand is a representation of the three core platforms growing together dynamically to achieve more.

The current phase of the New ACTEON transformation is based on a comprehensive and fundamental improvement to the Group’s product, service, and systems innovation processes. Historically record levels of investment are being made to increase the Group’s product development pipeline and manufacturing infrastructure, particularly in creating integrated workflow solutions. By combining cross-functional resources across the Group’s five innovation centers with world-class external partners and direct input from global customer representatives, the ACTEON Group will release more new products and upgrades in the next three years than in the last ten years combined.

The New ACTEON is harnessing the information revolution. Historically medical care can be viewed as a series of discrete reactive events with relatively little use of information within and across disciplines. The current trend is towards continuous proactive care utilizing past and present information from many sources to reduce the rate of occurrence and severity of future health issues, ultimately leading to improved patient quality of life. The New ACTEON concept aims to supercharge its clinical solutions with information systems that have the net result of better outcomes for patients throughout their lives, and consequently added value for our clinical and commercial partners. Taking the total lifetime care concept into consideration, The New ACTEON endeavor is further enabled by the ACTEON Management Platform (AMP), which is the information backbone connecting all ACTEON products, services, and systems internally and with third party systems. Through AMP, ACTEON Group is moving forward its digital transformation to become one of the leading integrated dental solution providers. The objective of AMP is to maximize the benefits of the clinical, commercial, and operational information created and used in ACTEON’s ecosystem of partners and customers. AMP will provide the right information, at the right time, at the right location for each stakeholder to make the best possible decisions for each treatment in the context of the patient’s continuum of care. Ultimately AMP, in combination with ACTEON’s products and services, will improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and economics of healthcare compared to the past.

“The New ACTEON is the culmination of our efforts to carefully understand our customers’ needs and then convert those learnings into meaningful improvements in our portfolio and operations. We have made a fundamental step forward in unlocking the true potential of the organization. I am very proud of what the teams across the ACTEON Group have accomplished in a short time, and I am very much looking forward to seeing the positive impacts for patients and care providers over the coming years.” Michael Rynerson – CEO ACTEON Group

The launch of The New ACTEON is an incredible advancement for one of the most trusted names in healthcare towards an exciting future of human centric healthcare solutions. However, this is only the beginning of an ever-accelerating era of innovation, service, and expansion for the benefit of healthcare providers and patients worldwide.

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