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Many global exhibitors regard Sino-Dental as their first choice in China for the launch of new products. (Image: testing/Shutterstock)

Sino-Dental cancels 2020 event

By Dental Tribune International
July 30, 2020

BEIJING, China: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose major challenges for the dental industry, especially regarding events. In light of the current restrictions, the organisers of Sino-Dental have decided to cancel this year’s edition, which was supposed to take place at the China National Convention Center in August. For now, the event, the 26th China International Dental Exhibition and Scientific Conference, has been rescheduled to 9–12 June 2021.

In a press release, the Sino-Dental organising committee expressed its regret at the cancellation: “The safety of our partners and exhibitors is always our priority. In spite of our every effort in the past months to push forward with all the preparatory work as scheduled, with the pandemic lingering, we have failed to obtain the essential approvals from relative authorities for the preliminary date of mid–late August.”

Sino-Dental is planning to present a series of selected flagship events online, to initiate virtual workshops and to release a report on dental development in the country in the coming weeks. More details will be released on its website.

As one of the largest dental exhibitions in China, Sino-Dental has become a benchmark dental show that enjoys an excellent reputation in both China and Asia generally and has a 24-year history. On an exhibition area of 50,000 m2, more than 800 from 30 countries and regions around the world were expected to showcase their latest innovations to thousands of visitors. In 2019, almost 130,000 participants attended Sino-Dental.

Sino-Dental strives to introduce and promote advanced technologies and products; to provide a platform for national and international dental companies to demonstrate images, gain access to market information, learn advanced technologies and develop new products; and to provide opportunities for exhibitors and dental professionals to communicate and exchange experiences.

  1. Emma Oliveros González says:

    Excelente artículo. Muy real en la realidad Venezolana.

  2. Yimy says:

    Buen día, como puedo adquirir el producto ” pieza de mano “

  3. Jacob Fartruse says:

    These fees are fortunately prohibited under my dental insurance agreement. Dentists are trying to foist the cost of infection control, which they should have always practiced, on cash strapped patients just to protect their profits.

  4. Jon says:

    Los composites no son de una dureza equivalente al esmalte, podría ser equivalente a la dentina. Yo no digo tener la verdad absoluta, pero tal vez desarrollar una rehabilitación, no sea evidentemente tan sencillo escribir sobre un tipo de tratamientos. Digamos que podrían usarse de forma temporal para poner la oclusión más adecuada haciendo unos movimientos siempre y cuando sea no nocivo y si beneficioso para la articulación temporal mandibular. Yo creo que tras reconstruir con composite podríamos poner unas cerámicas que darían más estabilidad oclusal a los pacientes … en los demás comentarios le doy la razon pero alguna vez algún paciente con dolores de cabeza,ATM TMJ y cervicales. Cuando vio que con los provisionales iba bien, la paciente desestimó seguir con el tratamiento porque se veía muy bien estéticamente y ya no le dolía. Le comente que la estabilidad oclusal no era la misma, ni tampoco la resistencia… hay que tener en cuenta que los pacientes aveces tienen falsas expectativas y aveces para llegar a un éxito relativo tienen que pasar por más técnicas y áreas especializadas de lo que piensan, puesto que aveces los tratamientos de las sonrisas que ven , aveces son multidisciplinares. Todo lo demás le doy la razón casi todo lo que ha dicho usted lo comparto y pienso igual.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was checking out after my routine cleaning and was surprised that I had to pay $15 when I normally don’t pay anything. I didn’t appreciate the surprise fee. The dental office I visit is part of a large New England network. They should be able to cover additional costs themselves instead of forcing it upon their patients. Plus, $15 per person? They’re making a profit off of this.

  6. Jean Trask says:

    If a dentist wears face masks in every day practice (before covid 19) why are they charging fees for masks now.?

  7. DineshKumar Bhaskaran says:

    A Very Interesting and Good Piece Of Info given calculating precise details . Pls contact me to give further details of Procuring the same . Thanks

  8. Patricio Urquieta Gomez says:

    Me interesa una cotizacion del sistema LINA y la oferta de las 3 turbinas sistema Borden

  9. laura says:

    io vorrei fare una visita con lei….ho una malocclusione dentale….

  10. jose manuel muñoz nava says:

    buenos días! de favor´podrian enviar una cotización formal e información técnica,estamos interesados
    gracias (Good morning! please send a formal quote and technical information, we’re interested
    Thank you)

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